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"Believe" Global Projects

The "Believe" Service Organization provides resources to communities and partner organizations around the world. We are honored to continue to build our bridge of support that began in a small village in Costa Rica, where "Believe" was founded, and now stretches around the globe. Below are some of the current projects that "Believe" supports and partners with around the world. At the bottom you will also find a summary of CREER's Pilot Projects. 


Blue Banyon Animal Sanctuary 

Where: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica 
When: Partnership est. in 2007
Approx. Number of Service Hours: 2500
Mission: To protect and rehabilitate wildlife, conducting scientific research and educating the population as well as tourists on conservation

The Mal Pais Education Project

Where: Mal Pais, Costa Rica 

When: Partnership est. in 2014

Approx. Number of Service Hours: 550

Mission: The Mal Pais Education Project is a grass roots initiative established by local residents to raise the standard of education in local public schools and allow further opportunities for residents to access the growing tourist industry.

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The Real Costa Rica Foundation

Where: La Fortuna, Costa Rica 

When: Partnership est. in 2007

Approx. Number of Service Hours: 1500 

Mission: To show what the real Costa Rica is, through the total immersion experience into culture, education, environmental and service-learning programs. 

La Puerta School

Where: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

When: Partnership est. in 2016

Approx. Number of Service Hours: 250

Mission: The Puerta Abierta is a vibrant learning center for students of all ages with a focus on meaningful education and literacy outreach in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  We offer creative teaching practices that awaken a love for learning and exploration in our students and teachers. 


Munay Sonquo 

Where: Sacred Valley, Peru

When: Partnership est. in 2015

Approx. Number of Service Hours: 650

Mission: Support and develop projects in harmony with local communities and nature based on the principles of permaculture, bio-intensive agriculture, and sustainability.  

Canile di Ossaia 

Where: Cortona, Italy

When: Partnership est. in 2017

Approx. Number of Service Hours: 150

Mission: Animal Refuge 


CREER "Believe's" Pilot Projects 

"Believe's" Pilot projects set the course for the organization and laid the foundation for our mission to grow. It all started in the small farming village of La Florida, Costa Rica where the "Believe" founders and initial volunteers sought sustainable ways to support the local community. With the support of our donors, volunteers, and our initial team over a decade ago we helped catalyze and support some incredible projects. These projects still continue on and inspire us to continue to build our bridge of support today.

Diamante Library Project

CREER worked to support the building of the library in 2010. The goal and outcome were the funding of the library, the building, the collection of books, the creation of a computer and internet room, and the building of a classroom for youth and adult classes.


The CREER Microloan Program

CREER's Microloans Program is focused on helping to support the natives to "keep up" as times are rapidly changing in the rural villages in Costa Rica. Farming is no longer a sustainable industry for the many "campesinos" in villages, such as La Florida. In addition, many women, who traditionally only worked in the home, are interested in creating ways to bring in their own income. 

The CREER Education Program


The CREER Education Program provides affordable, local, education classes in the rural villages in Costa Rica. In 2010 CREER graduated 9 more English classes in the village of La Florida, where English I, II, and III are now being offered. Classes take place in the newly completed LA Florida Library, built from CREER donor support. Our goal is to implement 20 courses in five villages by the year 2012. With you continued support, this goal is possible. 


CREER Project Salud ("Health")

In January of 2010, the CREER service team extended their vision to incorporate health and wellness-centered services for the people of Costa Rica. The pilot project of CREER's Project Salud "Health", the La Florida Clinic, has united us once again with our home village of La Florida.

Recently we have supported the demolition and initial stages of reconstruction the La Florida Health Clinic. The clinic had suffered significant destruction and disrepair due to foundational shifts and water damage over the years and jeopardized the safety of its staff and patients. It was unable to meet the healthcare needs of the village and needs total reconstruction. The officials of Costa Rica granted the village permission to demolish and reconstruct the clinic, but will not provide physical nor financial support towards these efforts.

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